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Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

The Kansas City temperatures will soon be dropping.  This is a great time to make sure your facility is prepared to prevent slips, trips and falls. Unnecessary injuries and deaths on the job are no laughing matter. Slips, trips and falls make up the majority of...

Kansas Firm Buys Sprint 4 Million SF Campus

Kansas Firm Buys Sprint 4 Million SF Campus

Kansas Firm Buys Sprint 4 Million SF Campus Occidental Management has officially closed on its purchase of the sprawling Sprint headquarters campus in Overland Park. The 190-acre corporate campus was sold by Sprint, an announcement made back in March. Sprint will...

When Lightning Strikes, Be Ready!

When Lightning Strikes, Be Ready!

Lightning, thunderstorms and tornadoes are common occurrences in the Midwest.  June is lightning awareness month and an ideal time to think about lightning protection measures for your facility.  Lightning protection should be included in your facility’s safety plan...

Summer Assignments for Property Managers

Preventative maintenance always beats reactive maintenance. Small and on-going investments in maintaining the quality of your property will save you time and money in the long run. Avoid the pitfalls of unexpected fixes by inspecting and replacing a few items...

How to Reduce Energy Costs this Summer

The bottom line of running a successful business is to make every dollar count. Cutting back on unnecessary energy use helps to keep costs down.  There are several ways for office buildings to reduce their energy consumption which can help facility and property...

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