The decision to remodel your bathroom should not be taken lightly.  Many factors need to be considered if you want the biggest bang for your buck.  Not every bathroom project yields a return on your investment.  In fact, many upgrades could wind up costing hundreds or even thousands more than they’re worth.

The home renovation industry has positively exploded thanks to the popularity of HGTV, Houzz, and other media that glamorizes home improvement. But is it really a good idea to rip out all the interior walls and add subway tiles and reclaimed wood to every surface? Probably not if you want most of your money back. However, there are some improvements that you can make to your bathroom that will pay off.  Below are a few that you might want to consider.

Universal Design Bathroom

Average cost recouped: 70.6%

As people age, they start to look for bathroom features such as walk-in showers, support bars, wheelchair accessibility, and other key elements that will prolong their time spent at home in safety and comfort. Having these items in your home means getting most of your money back.

Bathroom Remodel

Average cost recouped: 70.1%

This proves that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. A bathroom remodel isn’t a quick or cheap weekend project, but you’ll get back almost as much as you put in, especially if you stick to neutral color palettes and upscale fixtures.

Bathroom Addition

Average cost recouped: 59.9%

Can you ever have too many bathrooms? Probably. Adding a bathroom where none existed before can be tricky, but you’ll see a lot of that money returned to you. Consider putting in a powder room if a full bath isn’t an option.

Keep in mind that not all bathroom renovations are created equal.  But with the right design and materials you can yield a return.  Luxury tiles or flooring can be much more expensive to install than a laminate floor but it’s going to give you almost the same look. Different products can be installed that can give you a phenomenal look at a much lower cost. Shop around. Don’t go with the super cheap stuff but keep the cost down by going with cheaper reliable brands.

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