If you’re an avid wine collector, investing in a dedicated storage space can be well worth it. It can be constructed in a subterranean place to retreat for a night cap or in a foyer, spare room, or unused corner. In the past, entire wine cellars might have been considered a luxury feature found in fine-dining restaurants or the homes of the very-rich, but they are now becoming more and more popular among regular homeowners.

True wine connoisseurs know that wine cellars have the ability to suitably accommodate collections, since they provide the perfect environment for fine wines to properly age. Any wine aficionado knows that there are certain optimal conditions for which to store wine in order to prevent it from spoiling, both in taste and aroma.

There are many key factors to take into consideration when storing your precious bottles, including the location, atmosphere, temperature and the racks used to store wine. As such, having a cellar fitted by an expert who knows exactly what they are doing is advantageous.

When wines are stored properly, they not only maintain their quality, but a large majority of them will actually improve in taste, aroma and complexity as the wine ages. As such, serious wine collectors with the space to do so should consider having a cellar installed, which will help them preserve their collection for many years.

Home wine cellars allow collectors to organize their inventory all in one, neat place, being able to proudly view exactly what they have acquired over time. Bottles can be accessed with ease, and collectors can organize their cellar based on several factors, including, peak ageing, region, grape variety, type and price.

Having a wine cellar installed unquestionably adds some extra value to a property, whether that includes extending an existing part of the home or incorporating a wine cellar into the plan for a new build. Additionally, hiring a professional fitter to install a custom cellar means homeowners can choose the right materials and added features that will perfectly compliment the layout and style of the property.

Those who have plenty of space to store their bottles tend to find that they save a lot of cash in the long-run. Having a cellar space means collectors can purchase wine in bulk, rather than as single bottles, which can also contribute to lower costs down the line.

There are many benefits to having a wine cellar fitted in the home, including an increase in property value, a more organized collection and the ideal wine storage conditions. But, above all, the pleasure that comes from acquiring, preserving and displaying a collection over many years, knowing one can select any bottle they wish at any time from their personal stash, simply cannot be rivaled.

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