Benefits of Mixed-Use Facilities

Designing, owning, or managing a mixed-use facility means there’s an opportunity for challenges, but also opens the door to multiple opportunities. A mixed-use center is appealing in today’s marketplace as it has walkability, residential, retail and curb appeal.  Below are some advantages for the development of mixed-use facilities in Kansas City.


Land is used more efficiently with mixed-use facilities. Mixed-use facilities, particularly those that serve as town centers or are in the heart of urban areas, not only conserve valuable land resources, but also brighten communities and present opportunities for building efficiency, energy efficiency, and sustainability.  Vertically mixed-use facilities can also be beneficial because they reduce long-term maintenance costs of individual buildings.


Many developers and owners are seeing this facet of mixed-use buildings as an opportunity. Energy use, sustainability and LEED certification and green efforts are especially appealing to owners because improved energy efficiency can save on costs and draw renters. When it comes to financing energy-efficiency projects, choosing durable materials and durable systems, where the maintenance costs and the replacement costs are going to be dramatically reduced, is a huge advantage.

Life-Cycle Cost Thinking

Life-cycle cost thinking can not only help reduce operating costs, but also helps attract tenants – a very important point for owners and managers of mixed-use facilities. Triple net leases often pass the operational costs to the tenant, not providing much of a direct incentive to the developer because those costs aren’t going to be paid directly by them. However, tenants are beginning to see the value in long-term life-cycle thinking which is becoming a benefit.

Suburban and Downtown Developments

Developers are starting to bring more mixed-use facilities to suburban areas. In general, mixed-use buildings productive and good for neighborhoods because they bring activity and energy to the area day and night. As suburban mixed-use facilities are becoming increasingly popular, the trend is shifting to bringing mixed-use into the downtowns. People being able to live where they work enhances walkability, the neighborhood and all nearby local businesses.

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