Winter is generally regarded as one of the worst times to start building something. Bad weather and holidays are the main reasons that winter isn’t considered a great time to start building. Freezing weather can put a complete stop to various construction processes, like paving or painting. Volatility of the market, weather-related hold ups, and frequent holidays make winter less than ideal for building. Right?  Actually, winter might be exactly the time you want to get your project going for the following reasons:

Even with some companies and government agencies trying to spend the last of their budgets before the new year, most construction contractors consider winter a low season. It makes sense to consider starting your project in the winter, as it’s one of the best times to find available contractors in addition to the following benefits:

  • Fewer scheduling conflicts.
  • More time to dedicate to one project.
  • Easier to stay on the projected timeline.

In the spring and summer, many businesses are getting work done. Their new yearly budgets are finalized and they are ready to start working on their plans. This creates a glut of businesses needing work, and in the free market, prices go up to reflect the higher demand.  You can get ahead of the curve by starting your project in December-February.

The winter season prevents many activities that many businesses profit from. However, some businesses, like indoor gyms and ski parks, pick up in the winter. For companies that experience cold-weather lulls, winter is the perfect time to have renovations or other work done. With fewer customers to be disturbed by a business full of dusty commercial contractors, winter makes sense to fix up issues or get that new addition. Contractors can finish work quickly themselves if they have fewer distractions and people around the construction site.

Finally, depending on the scope of the project, a winter construction might be completed by spring or summer. Obviously, a whole building takes years, but renovation and remodeling can take a few months. Get it done in the winter so everything is pretty and ready to go when business picks back up in the spring and summer.

Take advantage of the low season in your business, quit putting it off and get that construction project started in winter!