AmWins Group located in the one of the American Century buildings recently transformed an underutilized room into a lounge that employees can enjoy when needing a break from work.  The area is now a comfortable and appealing space complete with a shuffleboard table, beverage stations, and flat screen televisions. 

Mid-America Contractors (MAC) built custom furnishings, installed new flooring, and installed lighting to add functionality and visibility to the space.  The casework was constructed with panel ready appliances with backlit uppers. Solid surface tops were installed along with full height solid surface backsplash. Plank LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) installed in a herringbone pattern gives the floor a fresh look with durability. Track lighting aimed at the shuffleboard table and can lights over the casework were also installed.   

Comfortable chairs, charging stations, and more make this a highly valuable space for the company.  A change of office scenery allows workers to disconnect from the stress of their jobs and gain a new perspective on the work at hand.  A lounge area creates a distinctive space for employees to feel like they are escaping their stress, without leaving the office.

The lounge also provides a place for coworkers to connect which often leads to better teamwork skills.  Many businesses rely on teamwork in order to succeed, and supporting those individuals will allow upward trends in productivity to be observed. 

The overall contentment of workers has a major influence on their job performance. A lounge makes workers feel appreciated, valued, and helps them refocus on the task at hand. For more information on transforming a space in your facility into an employee lounge, contact MAC today!