Once considered standard and typical, the pandemic has temporarily shifted the perception that all employees need to be under one roof. The hybrid structure consisting of a mix of working from home and at the office is an important component regarding the future of the sector. Tenants are facing a tough decision: How should they remodel their spaces, if at all, in order to accommodate the needs of the post-pandemic employee?

Healthy Space Amenities

Physical and mental health has also been an ongoing topic since the onset of the pandemic and that discussion will probably continue. Buildings are adding areas for meditation, mindful eating, exercise, and more. People are more aware of the need to balance their professional and personal lives, which includes a healthier office environment.

Natural light and its health benefits have once again gained attention and there are newly found initiatives addressing the need for natural illumination within the workspace.

Enhanced indoor air quality, ventilation, touchless hardware, better acoustics for Zoom calls and stricter cleaning protocols are some of the themes COVID-19 has generated when it comes to public space. Biophilic design elements, with their proven positive impact on health and mood, are also in demand. 

Private or shared terraces have also become extremely popular due to their low-risk virus transmission quality. Employers might also want to include wellness-focused amenities—such as lounges, terraces, spas or yoga rooms.

Collaboration and Flexible Spaces

Collaboration is the buzz word that seems to justify the survival of the office space as we know it but is also the main reason for its transformation. As remote work remains a viable option for many companies, not all employees will need a dedicated workstation anymore. This variation could free up 25 percent to 50 percent of the workspace, which could be reused for collaboration purposes.

There is no substitution for face-to-face communication. When people do come into the office, it is expected that a great deal of time will be used for collaboration. Flexible office designs that facilitate different seating layouts as they are needed continues to trend in the post-pandemic workplace. 

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