Property and facility managers in Kansas City are approaching that time of year when they pay as much attention to the forecast as they do to other duties at their institutional and commercial properties.

Preparation is important for managers as the temperatures start to drop.  MAC offers managers a winter checklist to consider as the weather turns. Below are 10 quick tips to prepare your properties for cold temperatures, snow, and ice.

A Checklist to Prepare Properties for Winter:

  1. Inspect and repair damage to the building exterior (roof, walls, doors, windows, etc.)
  2. Inspect all vacant units and interior spaces for leaks
  3. Wrap water lines in commercial insulation (consider heat tape for areas of extreme cold)
  4. Inspect boilers to ensure they are clean and in good working order
  5. Clear gutters of any built-up leaves or debris to prevent leaks and ice accumulation
  6. Disconnect and drain all garden hose connections
  7. Turn off the irrigation system and flush out any collected water
  8. Locate and learn how to use the shutoff valve in case of a catastrophic leak
  9. Encourage tenants to promptly report maintenance issues
  10. Install a water monitoring system for 24-hour leak alerts and real-time data

For more information, contact MAC today for improvements you can make to your commercial properties!