Does your office facility need a quick and easy facelift? Glass partitions can make all the difference! Glass walls and partitions are rising in popularity and bring a polished look to the workplace. Here are a few ways your office spaces will benefit by installing glass walls:

Reflect Professionalism

Sleek glass shows your business is modern and progressive. Gleaming glass looks elegant and sophisticated in lobbies and common areas. Office workstations that are enclosed by glass suggest honesty and clients often sense your company is forthright with nothing to hide.

Privacy can still be ensured with patterned, tinted, frosted or textured glass. Solid panels can provide subtle camouflage. With so many options, glass can be customized for any private office or conference rooms.

Lower Energy and Construction Costs

Glass maximizes the use of natural light resulting in a reduced need for artificial lighting. Lower electric bills and increased energy efficiency reduces a facility’s carbon footprint while saving money.

Creating rooms with glass partitions is often less costly than building traditional walls and more versatile. An office layout can easily be changed by dismantling and reassembling the glass walls. This flexibility also makes moving easier since the partitions are mobile and can be easily taken in and out.

Improve Staff Productivity and Morale

Numerous studies show that most people are more energized when working in a space that’s bright versus dim. Light is truly vitalizing! Workers will be primed for greater efficiency and foster communication since people can easily be seen. For executives in private offices, glass walls beam a welcoming smile.

Glass is acoustically sound. With the absence of distracting noise, employees can keep their focus and phone conversations remain confidential. In a tranquil atmosphere, creativity flourishes. Glass-walled conference rooms are unified with the rest of your office too, rather than looking secretive.

Glass can also supplement the partitions in panel-based workstations. Replacing modular portions with glass makes cubicles look brand new! The attractive atmosphere will fuel staff motivation.

Durability and Complementary

Glass looks pristine much longer than traditional materials and are built for longevity. Glass walls integrate beautifully with any commercial office furniture made of any material, whether it is vinyl, fabric, metal, or wood.

Give your building a stylish makeover with glass walls to keep the space will looking professional, modern, spacious, and bright and an overall welcoming place to work! For more information on custom glass projects, contact MAC today! MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  MAC can help you with any facility repairsremodelingcustom cabinetryconstruction and many other projects.