Tenant demand is shifting away from class-A high-rise properties and embracing low-rise properties. Many office buildings are undeniably facing major changes regarding the pandemic. The post-pandemic office might look like a home office or it might look like the pre-pandemic workplace. Most tenants however, are expecting something in between.

Real estate experts expect to see increased demand for low-rise office properties, which are better able to provide safe and clean workspaces with lower density. A groundscraper is a large building that sprawls along the ground, rather than soaring into the sky. “Groundscapers” create fewer opportunities for bottlenecks regarding vertical movement. These types of facilities are growing increasingly attractive.

Rent trends are a major part of this decision as well. The potential for rent has to outweigh the cost of redevelopment. When there is flexibility of catering to a single, large tenant or a handful of smaller ones, it’s obvious that workspace is the better approach.  

Proponents of groundscrapers argue that they have many advantages over skyscrapers. They do not impact a city’s skyline, are comparatively cheaper to construct and are more energy efficient, as towers often demand a greater degree of mechanical climate control. Groundscrapers can also create more socially inclusive spaces that encourage interaction between staff and people outside the workplace.

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