Many office spaces will need to make sure they implement the necessary components and configurations to keep returning workers in a safe environment.  Some supplies are very basic including hand sanitizer, social distancing signs, thermal temperature scanners and masks.  However, some tasks will require a trusted contractor to perform the work such as re-configuring work spaces to be 6 feet apart, installing sanitizing stations, improving air filtration, installing glass partitions and more. 

Sanitizing Stations

It is becoming clear the workers will not feel comfortable without easy access to hand sanitation.  There needs to be one in sight no matter where the workers are.  Wall-mounted stations that contain automatic, no-touch dispensers provide a safe option as opposed to standard pumps.    

Touchless Areas

High-touch areas can be reduced or eliminated. The simple installation of automatic faucets and doors can reduce touch points in addition to installing foot-operated door openers.  Retrofitting restrooms and other high-traffic areas can eliminate the need for doors altogether.  Another alternative is to replace high-touch metal surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles and railings with copper.  Copper provides an antimicrobial surface that decreases the lifespan of a virus.

Plexiglass Partitions

Almost overnight, plexiglass partitions became standard equipment at grocery stores, medical buildings and other open retailers. They will also have a place at post-pandemic offices, such as in reception or waiting areas.  The need for partitions will depend on how an office is laid out and how many people come and go. Partitions — sometimes called sneeze guards — placed between tables and cubicles can provide a safe place for all workers. 

Air Filtration Improvement

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC recommended facilities such as hospitals use germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lighting installations within their HVAC air handling units to reduce the transmission of airborne bacteria and viruses.  UV light energy has been shown to be very effective in inactivating viruses and killing bacteria.  UV light in the correct dosage alters the RNA and DNA molecules of coronviruses so that they become mutated and are no longer infectious. UV light also kills mold spores, helping reduce mold issues. UV lighting is installed in the ducting of your HVAC system and as air passes across the UV light, bacteria and mold is killed and viruses are altered.

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