With spring around the corner and the days getting longer – now is a great time to tackle a few important maintenance tasks before the warmer temperatures arrive. Below is a list of some of the most popular at-home maintenance tips that can be easily completed over a couple weekends. Some of these tips are very easy, and simple chores for most homeowners.

Replacing Your HVAC Filter

Staying on top of this throughout the year can drastically help prolong the life of your unit and also help your HVAC run more efficiently.

Clean Gutters & Downspouts

This time of year, tends to have more rainfall than any other season? That is why it is important to make sure the rain coming off the roof is being properly directed away from the house and your foundation.

Seal Your Driveway

Properly maintaining your driveway can help prolong the life and drastically improve the look.

Repair Chipping/Peeling Paint

Prepping the surface correctly and repainting the areas can help protect the woods from being exposed to the outside elements and save it from being damaged or rotting. Repairing and or repainting these areas can also brighten these areas up by making them look new again.

Prepare Your Lawn Equipment

Simply unplugging the old spark plug, draining old gas and oil and removing the old air filter from the year before and then replacing it all with new – is an easy way to prep your lawn equipment.

Flush Out Your Water Heater

This is a great way to improve and extend the life of the tank and the water heater itself.

Stain Your Deck

This project can be time-consuming for a homeowner but it is a great home maintenance tip that produces great results.

Clean Siding

Typically, the north side of a home starts to form a green algae film where there is less sunlight hitting the home. A garden hose and a brush with a little bit of detergent can restore your siding so it looks like new again.

Replace or Clean Your Dryer Vent

This is one of the leading causes of fires. Replacing or cleaning your dryer vent is a great spring maintenance tip that every homeowner should not neglect. You would be surprised the amount of lint build up that can gather inside a dryer vent.

Chimney Maintenance

Sometimes, brick chimneys will need to have damaged mortar removed and have new mortar put in. This is called tuckpointing and can usually be accomplished by a local handyman or bricklayer if you do not have the proper tools to do so yourself.

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