During these unprecedented times, there are many precautions contractors are taking to protect your home and family from COVID-19 during a renovation.  With growing concern and uncertainty around coronavirus, the health and safety of our clients and workers are of upmost importance.

MAC is committed to safety and can help you with that renovation you have been thinking about.  Whether it’s a basement, bathroom or kitchen renovation, the MAC team is prepared to continue construction and renovation projects in Kansas City.

MAC is protecting you and our workers during this time by avoiding or reducing contact between homeowners and our crew by maintaining a 6 foot distance as much as possible.  In compliance with state and federal orders and recommendations, we are hyper-focused on minimizing or eliminating the need for individuals to work in close quarters.

Our crews are equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and hand soap to keep the job site as sanitary as possible.  Our project managers are diligent in checking on the health and well-being of our workers. Should anyone feel unwell in any way, they are being instructed to stay home and get well.

If the home’s functionality allows, our workers use side gates or other separate access points to enter to the job site. This avoids them coming into unnecessary contact with homeowners. A portable toilet helps avoid the spread of COVID-19 by eliminating the need for workers to use your bathroom.  We use durable plastic tarps and industrial tape to block off the work area, whether that’s a kitchen, bathroom or main living space. This not only prevents the spread of any germs but also dust and debris.

We are doing more phone calls and video conferencing with our homeowners to avoid contact and continue the remodel’s progress. Instead of shopping in-store for materials and supplies, both our team and homeowners are being instructed to purchase items online to avoid coming into contact with the general public.

Through and through, we want to emphasize to all our current and our future clients that your safety and well-being remain our #1 priority. For more information, contact the MAC Residential department today to see if we can help you with your next home renovation project.