It’s almost that time of year again—spring cleaning time!  In just a few short weeks the temperature will slowly start to rise, and everyone will be thinking about cleaning out their homes, offices and more.  Spring is also an optimal time to clean out your warehouse by removing items no longer needed and reorganizing.  However, this is a massive undertaking that needs to be planned and carried out carefully.  Below are a few tips to help you have well executed and successful spring-cleaning project.  

Minimize impact and downtime

Trying to clean out a warehouse, office, or retail space can be extremely difficult during the hustle and bustle of a normal workday. An important part of your plan should be to schedule your tasks at a date and time when you are not in the way of the workers. Hours when staff levels are reduced, weekends or whenever the warehouse is sparsely populated are ideal times for cleaning whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a contractor. 

Set goals and deadlines

Just like cleaning your home, cleaning a warehouse can quickly become overwhelming without setting the right goals. A good way to set goals is to tackle the cleaning projects section-by-section with due dates assigned to each section while keeping your eye on the big picture. Taking the time to go down the line and label wire shelves and pallet racks with dates for purging and reorganizing will help ensure you meet all your deadlines.

Consider a dumpster

Warehouse spring cleaning means there’s going to be a lot of garbage you dispose of. Renting a dumpster will make the process much easier. Dumpsters will give you a large target for all your refuse and will be a visual reminder to keep you on track.

Divide and conquer

If your budget does not allow for hiring a contractor, your current staff of workers is another resource for your cleaning projects. As capacity allows, divide the staff up into small teams and give each team a designated task.

Inspect equipment as you go

In addition to reorganizing of pallets and disposing unneeded items, spring cleaning is also the ideal time to ensure your storage and equipment are operating in good working order. Perform any needed forklift tune-ups, tightening of bolts on pallet racks, make sure warehouse conveyors are rolling smoothly and inspect every installation to prevent damage.

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