Commercial facility and property managers are often tasked with the challenging task of keeping their building occupants happy to stay sane and successful.

However, losing tenants is an inevitability. Businesses outgrow spaces, operations move to different states, and sometimes tenants just aren’t happy where they are. The latter of these things can and should be prevented. After all, it’s easier to keep tenants than it is to acquire new ones.

Communicate with your tenants regularly to get a pulse on what makes them happy and what makes them feel dissatisfied with their rental space. Tenants are more familiar with their individual spaces and may be able to point out potential problems that would otherwise go overlooked. Personalized attention and connection will make tenants feel more comfortable in their spaces, leading to better property maintenance and lease renewals.

It’s important for commercial property and facility managers to have a thorough understanding of both their industry and the spaces they’re responsible for. This means performing routine inspections. Keeping a record of each unit’s use, condition, specifications, and areas for improvement will help you fill open rental spaces, prevent future problems, and create a paper trail of maintenance work done on each unit.

Making routine upgrades to your facility might sound expensive, but it can positively impact your bottom line. Today’s commercial renters are looking for newer spaces with more amenities – and you need to update and upgrade to compete. Updates don’t have to be complete renovations though.  Cost-effective updates include upgrading light fixtures, smoke detectors, a fresh coat of paint, new or furnishings.

Keeping tenants happy is rarely a simple task, but small upgrades can go a long way in the satisfaction department. These are just a few of the things that you can do to achieve success as a commercial property manager. For more information about commercial property management — and particularly about property maintenance – Contact MAC today!