The construction industry has faced many changes during the pandemic. Construction projects are still allowed to take place as long as the workers maintain social distancing and enforce safety guidelines including proper sanitation, masks etc. For home or commercial projects, keep the following items in mind as the project proceeds:

Communication: In times like these, where the situation is changing almost daily without an end date secured in sight, it is important that everyone communicates more often than normal whether it is by phone, email, or a virtual or in-person meeting.

Materials: Most countries, including the US, are experiencing impacts that affect construction due to COVID-19. Understanding who and what is being impacted is important. Be aware that the project’s materials  may or may not arrive on time due to shipping or supply issues. Domestic trucking strikes, merchants temporarily closing and other issues can cause delays or the need to possibly switch materials or vendors.

Schedule: The current climate of the pandemic may alter the schedule of any commercial or residential project. Adjustments to labor, materials, inspections and inspecting entities may affect your original timetable. Sources and streams of funding can also affect the schedule.

Costs:  Costs go hand-in-hand with labor, materials and the project schedule, as any problems identified with those can impact the cost significantly. With delays, general conditions may continue impacting the budget. Carefully review the project to identify items that may impact the budget, whether it is due to a regulatory decrease in workforce, labor shortages, material shortages, or schedule considerations.

Safety Protocols: Several procedures are often already in place for a typical commercial or residential construction project. However, it is important to institute a protocol to address COVID-19 concerns for the safety of everyone. Updated safety protocols for specific COVID-19 measures including, but not limited to, daily contractor check-ins, the taking of temperatures prior to allowing workforce on site, required rotating breaks, required staggering start times for different trades, daily sanitation/cleaning, requiring masks to be worn at all times, social distancing, should all be listed in the contractor’s safety plan.

Although things are uncertain now, remember it is temporary and adapting quickly is the best way to assure your projects can successfully move forward. If you would like more information regarding a home or commercial project during Covid-19, contact MAC today!