The return of spring always brings a sense of renewal along with its warmer weather and flowering trees and plants.  Spring is a great time to start planning some projects to improve the appearance and increase the value of your facility.  Even small improvements such a fresh coat of paint can give your facility a fresh new look.  Below are some projects to consider when it comes to having a facility or home that keeps your occupants and tenants happy and productive. 

More Natural Light

Many energy expenses are spent on lighting.  By increasing the amount of sunlight in your facility, you can lower energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint. Natural light is also beneficial for worker health as it reduces eye strain and improves mental performance. Adding glazed windows, skylight, sun tunnels and light shelves may be a helpful alternative where adding windows is not an option.

Open Areas

Most companies today desire areas for collaboration and team meetings.  Consider more open spaces in your facility where workers can gather in a comfortable environment. Open spaces that have a professional but living room feel are often appealing for people to share ideas in as opposed to stuffy conference rooms. Open spaces often allow more natural light which is also enticing. Try placing a few sofas and tables in common areas with ample space for connecting devices, reading and taking notes.  If there are no common areas, remove any unoccupied cubicles and create one!

Pops of Color

Pops of bright color, when applied by a professional, are great brain breaks that can encourage creativity. However, the key is to use lighter shades that reflect natural light.  Darker shades swallow light. Another way to incorporate pops of color is through plants and flowers.  Air-freshening live plants in your workspace reduce stress, boost cognitive alertness and bring out creativity!

New Flooring

Replacing floors is always a big hit and can really improve the look of an office space.  Whether you replace old and dingy carpet, have wood floors refinished or replace dirty ceramic tile and grout, you will vastly enhance the look of your facility. 

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