Tenant preferences change. Changes in technology, real estate, the economy, and more contribute to tenant preferences. If you are not on top of changing trends that are fueled by shifting tenant preferences, then it will be difficult for you to compete against other properties that are on top of these trends. Read on for the top trends in commercial real estate.

Adaptive Reuse is on the Rise

Many of the historic buildings and office spaces in town have been lovingly restored and adapted to other layouts for reuse in new commercial sectors, and this trend will continue to dominate the scene. Many adaptive reuse projects are in the works that are taking existing buildings and reworking them to serve other markets and purposes.

This is likely to continue to be a force in the commercial property scene, especially as vacant spaces have new life and potential prospects introduced to them. For example, existing spaces set up as offices can easily be transformed to serve medical organizations, call centers, and even as multiple-tenant housing that addresses current shortages in residential real estate.

Increased Sustainability

As the world becomes more passionate about protecting natural resources, more homes and commercial properties utilize and implement green principles. Sustainability is also appealing to tenants and owners, as a good bit of money can be saved annually.

The government estimates that commercial buildings that utilize sustainable practices could see a 20 to 30 percent reduction in energy bills. Buildings in the commercial sector that aren’t up to current sustainability standards are likely to be overlooked instead of energy-efficient ones. Take advantage of this demand with a few changes to attract eager tenants.

Office Spaces Operated by E-Commerce & Teleworking

Many commercial office properties are gaining popularity as more call centers and e-commerce operations search for space. E-commerce will continue to thrive, and data and logistics centers serve remote workers. Some vacant offices are being transformed into cold storage and warehouse space to meet the growing demands of restaurants and online retailers.

Teleworkers are pivotal to many operations, and data centers enable and allow for a rise in the popularity of remote meetings, digital conferencing, and streamlining sales, ordering, and packaging processes. Installing or updating digital infrastructure in commercial real estate tends to attract tenants to properties.

Touchless Technology Is Increasingly Important

Many employees and companies currently use technology to facilitate operations in the building to meet specific needs. Touchless technology is becoming just as crucial as remote collaboration and data exchange tools. The next chapter embraces touchless systems that create a safer and healthier work environment.

Commercial office space owners are preparing for the following stages in technological advances as communities embrace the new normal society. Building automation that is in demand includes app-controlled:

  • Lighting Controls
  • Blinds and Window Screens
  • Auto Door Controls
  • Smart Break Room Appliances
  • Touchless Bathroom Installations
  • Coffee/Tea Makers w/ Touchless Ordering
  • Air Ventilation & Filtering Monitoring

Most importantly, streamlining these advances through one source eliminates the need for multiple remotes touched by many throughout the workday. Owners who desire solid tenant periods and fewer vacancies will get on board with touchless office technology.

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